About Sailstar Sailing Center and Amarilla sailing Club

Sailstar Sailing Center and Amarilla Sailing Club are two companies both working with rentals of sailing dinghies, courses and trainings in dinghy sailing. We are working fully together so you will hardly not notice that there are two different companies. Amarilla has operated at San Miguel Marina since 2016 and Sailstar since 2019, however, Sailstar mother company Sailstar in Sweden has operated since 2010 with thousands of participants at their courses offered in sailing dinghies, midsize sailboats and large sail yachts.
Amarilla Sailing Club S.L. registration number is B76748607 and Sailstar Sailing Centre S.L. registration number is B76812296.
Our philosophy
We love dinghy sailing. Well sailing in general is super but dinghy sailing is the best. We also love to educate in sailing and to give opportunities to spend time on the water with dinghies. And we have found a superb place to sail at during winter time when there is to cold, or at least cold, to sail in our home countries, Poland and Sweden. Sailing at San Miguel marina is so easy. It is really close to the beach and you are out sailing at the Atlantic Ocean direct. Our boats and our center are close to the beach and have what you need. A reception, a fridge, a changing room and a place to relax and have theory. At the moment we have 19 boats to sail, we like to have more but this a good start we think. We also love to have a barbecue after the sailing!
Who we are
I mean the people. Kinga is running the Amarilla Sailing Club together with Mateusz. Two friendly faces who helps you with everything. Beyond that, Mateusz is the barbecue master. The most important. Thomas is running Sailstar, both here at Tenerife as well as in Stockholm, Sweden and between that he runs a couple of weeks in Croatia. He is also running many of the courses and the trainings. We have some friends, wellknown sailors actually, that helps us with trainings and courses. Jacek Turczynowicz, Emil Bengtson, Björn Wärnberg are some of them.
How the booking works
You can either book a morning or afternoon pass, three hours. We think three hours on the water is quite enough for the most of us. With the initial booking you also get a safety boat that will be there while you are sailing. If there are more groups we try to keep you at the same place. If wanted we set up a short track. The booking for rentals you do at rentaboat.html You can book for several persons (boats) at the same time, if you want to book several days in a row please you can do multiple bookings at the site or contact us. Payment is made via Paypal with a booking fee of 30%.
We also regulary run basic courses of four full days of course with one spare day. You book online and pay the booking fee and latest one week before course start you pay the rest, see our page courses to see when the courses are!
To book our scheduled trainings you do as the courses above, book from the web page clubcamps If you like to organize your own club clinic/camp or have your own basic course, please contact us about this, we can in most cases set up something tailormade for you!
We take safety seriously. Of course with everyone that goes out on the water there is a sailing west and we offer wetsuits and boots to put on which is recommended. We have also a safety boat as soon as any of our rentals or schools are out sailing.

Amarilla and Sailstar