Spend a week training dinghy!

RS Aero, Laser

Sailstar Sailing Center and Amarilla Sailing Club offers training camps with well-known coaches in Laser and RS Aero classes where we often sail together. The boats are similar in speed so therefore possible to sail together. The sailing arena was used by several national sailing teams before the Olympics 2012 (London) because of the similar weather conditions as the 2012 years olympic event. You can expect winds of 15 - 20 knots and waves 1 - 2 m just outside the marina, 100 m from the docking beach!
Our sailing centre is small but close to water and has a terrace for theory passes, a dressing room and a small reception. Cosy and welcoming! We offer either trainings with our coaches or welcome any club or group that has their own coach, rent our dinghies and our safety boat(s)!
Training camps
We offer training camps with well-known coaches for either or both Laser and RS Aeros. Many of these camps is held for five days with two groups, divided by morning and afternoon sailing for the two groups and finishing each day with some short races between all sailors. Big fun, good practice! Se further down for the weeks we have planned for trainings!
Club camps
We offer also your club or group to come to us with or without your own coach, rent our dinghies and our safety boats and use our place for your theory and feedback passes. Everything is so close here so you get a very effective training! It is very close to hotels, restaurants but especially very close to the beach and from the beach to open water. Easy to get out and to get in! Mail us for more info!

Regular training clinics and other special events planned for season 2022: